Meet the Co-Founders

Bringing this idea to life has been a partnership of dreams and ambitions

How it all Started

Skate Innovation was born in 2015 with the vision of getting children as young as 2 years old on a skateboard in the safest possible way. Co-founders Daniel de Gaye and Jason Koch found that many kids have a desire to skateboard from an early age, however most are held back due to safety concerns. Before the ookkie™, the only two ways for a child to learn to skateboard was by either an adult physically holding them and awkwardly shuffling, or going it alone. Until now these methods have failed in teaching children the fundamentals of skating being balance, coordination and awareness. Daniel and Jason have spent the last 18 months extensively designing and engineering the ookkie™ into a unique 5 in 1 learning skateboard that significantly increases safety and helps to build the foundation of balance and coordination.

Founders of Skate Innovation™

Jason Koch - Co-Founder
Jason Koch has personally been involved in Product Development and Innovation for almost 20 years, covering a large number of industries and now heads Invention Steps as Managing Director. Invention Steps is a successful Product Development company based in Australia, developing innovative products for customers all over the world. With a multi disciplined background ranging from Industrial Design, Product Development, Engineering, Prototyping, Business Development and Management, and with a vast experience of China/Taiwanese manufacturing, Jason has “real world’ experience which ensures you know your products are in the right hands.

Daniel De-Gaye - Co-Founder
A driven and self motivated entrepreneur that is always looking to better and challenge what already exists to find a better more efficient way. Daniel has been involved with board sports for a large part of his life and was very keen to see his little ones follow suit. This combined with his inventive nature, lead to the original idea for the ookkie™ to be developed. Having been through the design development process before with Jason on other ventures, the decision to partner up with him was a no brainer.